Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LOST Commentary Archive

(12/21/07) George Allen, "Throw out LOST," Washington Times

(11/7/07) "Scuttle LOST," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial

(10/31/07) Harold Furchtgott-Roth, "The Halloween Treaty: Law of the Seas," The New York Sun

(10/30/07) Paul Weyrich, "Possibly the Final Push for the Law of the Sea Treaty,"

(10/30/07) John Fonte, "LOST at Sea," National Review Online

(10/30/07) Frank Gaffney, "LOST Runs Silent, Runs Deep," Washington Times

(10/30/07) Sen. James Inhofe, "Getting LOST," Washington Times

(10/30/07) Tom Deweese, "Sink the Law of the Sea Treaty," Canda Free Press

(10/30/07) Doug Bandow, "Make Way for a Second UN," The American Spectator

(10/24/07) Steven Groves, "Why Reagan Would Still Reject the Law of the Sea Treaty," Heritage Foundation WebMemo

(10/23/07) Frank Gaffney, "Happy Birthday, UN," Washington Times

(10/17/07) Lou Dobbs, "Beware the Lame Duck,"

(10/16/07) Frank Gaffney, "LOST Justice?" Washington Times

(10/11/07) Olvier North, "Permission Slip for the Sea,"

(10/11/07) Pat Buchannan, "George W. Bush, Globalist,"

(10/10/07) Amy Menefee, "Senate Could Vote Soon on Return of Sea Treaty Reagan Opposed," Business and Media Institute

(10/9/07) Doug Bandow, "Big Sea Treaty Would Crush Entrepreneurs," Investor's Business Daily

(10/9/07) Frank Gaffney, "A Navy LOST?" Washington Times

(10/5/07) William Scally, "Law of the Sea Treaty is Being 'Rubber Stamped,' Critics Charge," Congressional Quarterly

(10/5/07) Adm. James Lyons, "U.S. LOST at Sea?" The Washington Times

(10/4/07) Coalition to Preserve American Sovereignty, "Two Witnesses, Fifteen Minutes of Fame," CPAS Press Release

(10/04/07) Frank Gaffney, "Ronald Reagan Was Right: The Law of the Sea Treaty Was And Remains Unacceptable," Submitted Testimony to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

(10/4/07) Frank Gaffney, "Ronald Reagan Was Right: The Law of the Sea Treaty Was And Remains Unnacceptable," Delivered Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

(10/2/07) Frank Gaffney, "The UN's Big Power Grab," The Washington Times

(10/2/07) Christine Brim, "Why the Senate Must Reject the UN Law of the Sea Treaty," Center for Vigilant Freedom

(9/27/07) "The LOST Hearings," Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Editorial

(9/26/07) David Ridenour, "Another Premature Mission Accomplished: Law of the Sea Treaty Still Seriously Flawed,"

(9/26/07) Ken Timmerman, "Senate Refuses Debate on Controversial Treaty,"

(9/25/07) "Sea Sickness in the Senate," Investors Business Daily

(9/25/07) Frank Gaffney, "Reading the LOST compass," Washington Times

(9/10/07) Jeremy Rabkin, "How Many Lawyers Does It Take to Sink the U.S. Navy?" The Weekly Standard

(8/08/07) Frank Gaffney, "Russian LOST and Found,"

(7/02/07) Jack Goldsmith and Jeremy Rabkin, "A Treaty the Senate Should Sink," Washington Post

(5/31/2007) Cliff Kincaid, "Law of the Sea Treaty: Another Bush-Kennedy Deal?"

(5/23/07) Cliff Kincaid, "Last Stand for American Sovereignty," Center for Security Policy Security Forum

(5/15/2007) Frank Gaffney, "A LOST Presidency," Center for Security Policy Decision Brief

(4/02/2007) Frank Gaffney, "Assault of the Transies,"

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